Wall Mounted Display Cabinet

Although the business was previously primarily for the display of die-cast models, we are also able to manufacture cabinets to suit any collection. The frame of the glass-fronted door is recessed onto the main case of the cabinet, thus ensuring a dust-free environment for your collection.

The slim but strong cabinet is constructed to protect and enhance your colletion without overpowering it.

Shelves are adjustable with possible supports at 7/8" (22mm) spacings, giving a wide choice of how to arrange the shelves to suit your collection. The price list shows current cabinets we make along with the current options available. Should you have specific requirements for your own design and use, we would be very happy to quote you for individual cabinets. As time goes by, we hope to expand our range of the types of cabinet we can supply.


Five Sided Glass Display Cases and Plinth

Display Cases are bespoke and made to suit the item to be displayed. We are happy to give quotations for individual requirements.

The plinth has raised a decorative edge around it, that creates a lip into which the glass case sits. This helps ensure the case keeps a dust-free environment and keeps it stable on the plinth. The main plinth area can be covered with felt in a variety of colours, and could even have a mirror base if required.